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“I have worked with Dr Rigmor Berg in complex cases involving social impact assessment from proposed development. I found her to be thorough, her work based upon meticulous research and experience. She has the ability to back up her work with confidence and objectivity as a forthright expert in a courtroom. Her evidence was a substantial factor in the ground-breaking determination of the Tingari Residential Park case (Land Environment Court - Gosford City Council ats Baker).”

Peter Tomasetti SC
Barrister, Martin Place Chambers

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“Rigmor’s evaluation and concept testing services have been used extensively by AFAO over decades. Her ability to quickly and easily establish trust and rapport with a wide range of people has given us valuable insights into the diversity of needs across the LGBTIQ communities and provided AFAO with the necessary guidance and information to build effective and highly responsive health promotion programs during periods of rapid social and technological change. She has effectively documented our successes with clear evidence, while her constructive, ‘frank and fearless’ feedback showed us where and how we could and should improve. Rigmor has time and again demonstrated her capacity to quickly grasp the operational and strategic issues facing the HIV and broader sexual health sectors, and over the years has been instrumental in developing original and highly productive strategic responses to these challenges.”

Simon Donohoe
Manager Health Promotion Program (to June 2016)
Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

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"Dr Rigmor Berg has undertaken a number of qualitative research assignments for me over the years. She is thorough, thoughtful and incisive. I can recommend her services to anyone looking to qualitatively test, evaluate or research."

Sean Kidney
CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

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"I have on a number of occasions retained Dr Rigmor Berg to provide reports and social impact assessments in relation to various applications before the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority. Rigmor’s in depth research and analysis has assisted clients objecting to or applying for packaged liquor licenses and also hotel applications involving consideration of impact of liquor outlets on various community members but also gaming issues and social impact."

Chris Thompson
Principal, Gwynne Thompson Solicitors

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“In the world of liquor and gaming licensing, regulatory authorities rely heavily on public health and other data. Breaking down those data to understand their real significance and limitations is core work for Dr Berg and is of immense assistance in presenting clients' cases in this area.”

Michael Heath
Barrister, 8th Floor Wentworth Chambers

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